VIP Membership Request Form

VIP Membership Benefits

  • Premium Product Support to Diagnose, Update, And Repair
  • Access to Premium Apps only available to VIP Members
  • 25% MSRP of any new Freedom Box or Accessory.
  • Directions to set up a Real Debrid Account.
  • Free replacement for Power Cord, HDMI Cable, and Factory Remote. Keyboard Remotes are covered if purchased directly from Freedom Box
  • Replacement of your device if it is unrepairable. 
    • If your device is deemed non-repairable by us, we will supply you with a Refurbished device (if available) or New Device at our discretion. There will be a $200 fee for the replacement unit. The Replacement Unit will have the latest Firmware and Updates installed.


  • $19.95 per month
  • $3.99 for each additional box per month


  • Real Debrid is a requirement. You will be required to setup and maintain a Real Debrid Account- per Real Debrid User-agreement. All apps are 3rd party. We do not guarantee the operation of these apps. They are included as a courtesy to the customer, however the monthly fee of $19.95 and $3.99 per additional box will remain available whether or not these apps remain available to the end user or not.
  • Additional apps will be added when available. Apps may be removed at any time. Freedom Box does not guarantee any content within any app. All apps are 3rd party and completely controlled by the developers of those apps. Viewing any content within any and all apps is conditional on the terms within the individual app and not Freedom Box.
  • ** Mac addresses and Public IP Address are located on the bottom of the Launcher screen (Version 3.8.7- 4.0.8) The Public IP address should be the same for all devices. 
  • By filling out the VIP Request Form below and clicking on the "Send" button, you are agreeing to a monthly charge of $19.95 per month plus $3.99 per month for each additional device. The monthly charge will be processed by Eprocessing Network and reference Coleson Technologies. You agree that any App within the VIP may be added or removed at any time. You agree that these charges are based on support and coverage on your equipment and is not contingent on any app on the build.