Getting Started

FreedomBox Setup
Please email us for the latest installation instructions -

Thank you for purchasing a FreedomBox. Below you will find setup instructions for your new box, as well as info on how to get online support. After unpacking the box, use the power cord to plug the box into an outlet, connect the box to your TV using the included HDMI cord or A/V cables (not included).Press the red Power button on your remote control or on the front of the FreedomBox to power the unit on. Be sure to select the correct HDMI input on your TV, then simply follow the on-screen steps to begin the setup. When you get to the Wifi/Ethernet screen, check which one you are using. If you are using WiFi, wait until the list of networks comes up, then select your correct router. Click on the Password box and input your routers password using the on-screen keyboard. Hit the green check mark circle when done and go to finish. There may be a second welcome screen that comes up, you can either hit next to view the info or Skip to bypass. Most of the information is not applicable to what you are using the box for, but feel free to watch it.

After setup, we recommend checking your internet connection by running a speed test. Locate the “Internet Speed Test” on the Android home screen and click on it. Then press the Cursor button on your remote. Using the arrow buttons, scroll to “Begin Test” and press OK. Your download speed should be a minimum of 20 mbps (optimal is above 20mbps). After you run the test, press the Cursor button on your remote again, then exit out by pressing the Return button on the remote. There is also a Speed Test on the top menu on the main FreedomBox page. You will not need to hit the cursor button to run this test. If this is the initial setup, you will have to install the App. Simply click on Speed Test and folow the intall directions. After it is installed, you will be able to run it.

After running a speed test to make sure you have adequate download speed, go to the “Rubics Cube” in the upper right hand corner of the Desktop and click on it. Scroll down to “Copy Data” and click it. Hit the OK button on your remote again when you see the “Copy Data” message in the middle of the screen. After it is complete, hit the return button to exit out. You are now ready to run the Freedom Wizard.

Back at the home screen, click on the “Settings and Help” tab at the top then click on the “Re-Install FREEDOMBOX” tab and follow the on screen instructions to install the file. After Installing the file, you can enter the FreedomBox screen by simply clicking on the FreedomBox tab on the home screen.(Top left Icon). You can also run the Wizard from inside the FreedomBox page. It is listed on the top menu bar. After the initial install of the Freedom wizard, you can enter Freedom Box by selecting the FreedomBox tab from the Home/Desktop screen.

We advise you to join our support page on Facebook for valuable information regarding programming, firmware & wizard updates, as well as the latest movies available, etc. We update our units almost once a week to insure you always have the best experience. Go to

You can view how to videos on YouTube also. Just search Freedom Box in the YouTube App.

There are also quick links to information on the Freedom screen. Simply go the the Triangle with the Question mark inside it on the lower left side of the screen. (End of the scrolling news feed). We recommend watching these “How To” videos to have the best user experience as possible.

You will also notice an “Updates” news feed at the right lower section on the screen. (There is a picture of a lady pointing to it). This contains current info as well.

If you are getting an error when trying to enter Universal TV or it is asking for login information, it will need to be updated. Go to UDDATE UNIVERSAL on the top menu bar and click it. Update it using Chrome. You will need to enter your Google account information. (You can set up an account if you don’t have one) Follow the instructions on the screen to update the APK. There will be a “Download Completed” message in the left lower corner when completed. After it is completed, you can back out to the Home page. Go to the top menu and scroll all the way over to the right. There is a menu tab that looks like a Rubics Cube. Click on it and scroll down until you see ISTV with a blue square. Click on it. It should now ask you if you want to update Universal. Click yes and allow it download. After it is completed, you should be able to use it from both the Home Media page and inside of Freedom Box page.